BitMissile - Doors Closed

Over the past three years, BitMissile has been a generally smooth running, well nurtured operation. Unfortunately, as many regular players have noticed, the admin team has not had as much attention paid to it over the last six months. This is mainly due to our core staff members becoming busy with real life affairs. This has led to a depletion of our staff, which in turn has led to a dwindling community. At this point, donations (which have never been super strong) now fail to meet any baseline financial needs required to operate the Minecraft server. As a result of these two factors (staff time and money), the BitMissile team has collectively decided that while we have had a great run, it is time for BitMissile to close its doors. This decision was not easy. We know that everyone involved in the community (players, staff, etc) has put a significant amount of time into the server. But, after two weeks of thinking and debating, we have come to read the writing on the walls.

Server Shutdown

The server was shutdown according to plan on Saturday, April 5th, 2014. We (the BitMissile administration )hope that everyone enjoyed themselves over the past three years. Thanks again to everyone that was apart of the BitMissile community!

We have found someone with a decent server that is willing to takeover and run BitMissile. BitMissile will be migrated over to Glaciem where it will continue where it left off. It is important to note that BitMissile will no longer be run by the original administrators, and the game play is subject to change. The Glaciem administrators are still in the process of setting up their server, so it may take a period of time before the server is online. Please ensure you move over to the Glaciem server addresses, rather than the BitMissile ones. It is recommended that you follow Glaciem on Twitter.

Initially, the plan was for the server to be taken over by other administrator(s), and no data was going to be made downloadable to the public. However, we have decided that everyone deserves to obtain a copy of their work, and as a result, we have made the server archive public. The downloadable archive contains everything required to run the server from where it left off, including the maps, plugin data, and databases. If you are interested in setting up the server, it is on you to set it up, and will require a fair bit of know-how. The server archive is downloadable here (note: it is a 7G archive).

The BitMissile Administration Team