Server Shutdown Update

April 5, 2014 in Minecraft, News

The server has been shutdown as according to plan.  We (the BitMissile administration) hope that everyone enjoyed themselves over the past three years. Thanks again to everyone that was apart of the BitMissile community!

We have found someone with a decent server that is willing to takeover and run BitMissile.  BitMissile will be migrated over to Glaciem where it will continue where it left off.  It is important to note that BitMissile will no longer be run by the original administrators, and the game play is subject to change.  The Glaciem administrators are still in the process of setting up their server, so it may take a period of time before the server is online.  Please ensure you move over to the Glaciem server addresses, rather than the BitMissile ones.  It is recommended that you follow Glaciem on Twitter.

Initially, the plan was for the server to be taken over by other administrator(s), and no data was going to be made downloadable to the public.  However, we have decided that everyone deserves to obtain a copy of their work, and as a result, we have made the server archive public.  The downloadable archive contains everything required to run the server from where it left off, including the maps, plugin data, and databases.  If you are interested in setting up the server, it is on you to set it up, and will require a fair bit of know-how.  The server archive is downloadable here (note: it is a 7G archive).

The BitMissile Administration Team

Closing the Doors

March 23, 2014 in Minecraft, News

Over the past three years, BitMissile has been a generally smooth running, well nurtured operation.  Unfortunately, as many regular players have noticed, the admin team hasn’t had as much attention paid to it over the last six months.  This is mainly due to our core staff members becoming busy with real life affairs.  This has led to a depletion of our staff, which in turn has led to a dwindling community.  At this point, donations (which have never been super strong) now fail to meet any baseline financial needs required to operate the Minecraft server.  As a result of these two factors (staff time and money), the BitMissile team has collectively decided that while we’ve had a great run, it is time for BitMissile to close its doors.  This decision was not easy.  We know that everyone involved in the community (players, staff, etc) has put a significant amount of time into the server.  But after two weeks of thinking and debating, we’ve come to read the writing on the walls.

It would be ideal if someone were willing to pick up where we have left off and continue on with the BitMissile community.  While we are well aware that this may not happen, please contact us if you have interest in taking over.  The BitMissile admin team can be reached at

If BitMissile is not passed onto a new administration, all data will be made available for download as soon as we officially close the doors, including maps, plugin data, and databases.  Hopefully, this will allow people to pick up where they have left off.

BitMissile will officially close its doors on Saturday, April 5th, 2014.

Thanks for an awesome three years,
The BitMissile Administration Team

Payment Provider Poll

February 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

We’ve received a number of requests over the years for an alternative payment provider (besides Paypal). Now that our store plugin supports more options, we want to find out which one you would use:


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Minecraft 1.7.2 and BitMissile

December 7, 2013 in Minecraft, News

At last, a release of Bukkit for Minecraft 1.7.2 is just around the corner.  It was first unclear if the Bukkit team was going to release an update Minecraft 1.7.2 due to a massive change in the underlying architecture in the Minecraft core. However, yesterday (over a month after the release of Minecraft 1.7.2), the CraftBukkit patch for Minecraft 1.7.2 was pushed.  While CraftBukkit has been updated, several other pieces to the puzzle have yet to be updated, including Spigot and certain plugins.  Additionally, we will be waiting a small period of time before pushing updates to ensure that they’re all are stable enough for a production server.  Normally, we are right on board to update, but with the complexity of this update, it is wise for us to wait a little bit first.

For BitMissile, the update to Minecraft 1.7.2 will take a place when we feel everything is stable enough to progress.  This update introduces many changes to terrain generation and as a result, we will have to bring out a new map to allow players to take advantage of the 1.7.2 features.  A new map is something that many of the players would say is long overdue.  From past updates and just being used since Minecraft 1.3, our current map is getting pretty tattered and used.

As far as the generation goes for the new map, we intend to take advantage of a terrain generation plugin, TerrainControl.  This will allow us to have complete control over how the map looks as well as introduce terrain features not seen in Minecraft by default.  Making use of this plugin will certainly add on to the amount of time it will take us to deploy the Minecraft 1.7.2 update to BitMissile.  However, it should make for a far more interesting Minecraft experience on BitMissile.

EDIT Dec. 15: For a variety of reasons, we’ve decided to hold off on making a TerrainControl created map.  No worries though – we’ve found a really cool seed and are generating it right now!  Trust us – you’ll you’ll really like it.  We’ll get it up and running ASAP!

The plan is to run the current map alongside the new map, and transfer over select structures.  Structure transfers will remove all items, so chests, items frames, etc will be emptied upon transfer.  Only certain structures will be transferred, and it will be at the discretion of our staff to determine if a structure is transferable.  One of the goals of the new map is to start clean and fresh, and pulling of a bunch of old beaten in structures somewhat defeats the point.  If you feel you have a structure that should in fact be transferred over to the new map, please submit a support ticket.

Another issue that has been brought up many times is the staffing issue of BitMissile.  As our moderators began to fade, our administrators never replenished the staff base, and the entire staff became depleted.  Starting with the Minecraft 1.7.2, BitMissile is also going to increase the staff numbers, and make the community run like a well oiled machine again.  Aside from staff, we also plan to increase the player count again.  When our staff count dropped, our player count dropped, and we’re going to work to counteract that.

Minecraft 1.7.2 is going be sort of a “revolution” for BitMissile, and give us an opportunity to turn the place around.  Many other technical operations have to take place behind the scenes to get us up to par.  This will not happen over night, and will take several weeks to complete, however, we hope to have everything in place by New Year’s.  We plan for all technical operations to start on the weekend of December 14th, 2013, and the Minecraft update will follow soon after.  So, aside from enjoying the holidays, you can enjoy a new BitMissile!

EDIT Dec. 15: As promised, we’re working diligently right now on getting the server up and shining!  It was down for a majority of yesterday to perform a long overdue distro overhaul, and will probably be down again later for moving the map over.  If you have any questions or want ETAs, ask us on IRC ( #bitmissile-mc or click here).

Best of luck with your end-of-year obligations and have a happy holiday,
The BitMissile Administration Team

Preparation for 1.6

June 30, 2013 in Minecraft, News

As you may know, Minecraft 1.6 is coming out tomorrow. Make sure you keep the old launcher handy and download the new launcher separately so you can still login. Quite a few plugins need updating, and we don’t know exactly how long that will take. If everything goes smoothly, it will most likely take a few days, however it can be as long as two weeks depending on how quickly the updates come out. We’ll keep you posted either way. To answer a few common questions:

How will horses work?
Since horses will be very rare at the start, we will require proof of horse ownership if you want them to be respawned in case of griefing. To do this, take a screenshot with F2 and ask a mod to manually verify your horse. In addition, send a link to your screenshot to that mod. This is the plan as of now, and we’ll let you know if it changes. We might stop requiring verification once horses become less rare, but we’ll let you know when that happens.
Horses are now common enough that they will be treated like any other animal.

Will there be a new map?
As of now, the map will stay the same. The only change that affects the map is horse armor in dungeons, and we have a few different plans to deal with that.

When should I update?
When this post is updated, when we tell you to over IRC/game chat, or when you get the “outdated server message” when attempting to connect to BitMissile.

What if I really want to update anyway to test out the new features?
Since there is a new launcher, you can most likely just download the new launcher and keep the old one in a separate location. As long as you keep the old one safe, you should be fine. If, for some reason, this doesn’t work (since the launcher is new and we can’t confirm the exact steps), we’ll post instructions here. Post a comment here and contact cheese1756 in IRC if you have trouble. You can also ask the #bitmissile-mc channel for help.

What if I have more questions?
Feel free to add your question as a comment on this post. If you need an immediate response, ask in the #bitmissile-mc channel on IRC and/or send me (cheese1756) a message.

Minecraft 1.3 Plans

August 1, 2012 in Minecraft, News

As many of you are aware, Minecraft 1.3 came out this morning.  As is the case after all updates, we are left waiting for our version of Bukkit (CraftBukkit++) to update.  Please note that there is no current estimated time of arrival for the update.  We will update this post to reflect the current status of such an update. Update: The server is currently up!

However, the question remains as to what will happen to the current map.  The main benefit of keeping the current map would be the value of the hundreds of hours of work people (players, mods, and admins alike) have put into it.  Since we first started BitMissile 16 months ago, we have transferred buildings and items across to the new maps we have setup.  Aside from this process taking a lot of time and effort on the part of admins and mods, it still leads to a lot of the problems we face now.

Currently, the map is a complete mess. There are things scattered all over the place: unfixed creeper damage, random shacks, griefing that has not yet been cleaned up, and an abundance of teleporters.  While it is possible to alleviate some of the symptoms of this mess, it would never be completely fixed.  Furthermore, with Minecraft 1.3, many users will want to take advantage of the new features in the world generation system.

With this in mind, we (the BitMissile administration) have come to the conclusion that BitMissile is long overdue for a fresh start.  We are going to take down our current map, and (as we always do) make it available for download.  We will be moving a very select few structures for people who have or are currently working on large structures that are worth moving.  If you believe your structure should be moved, please submit a ticket.

Additionally, we are creating new policies for (currently overabundant) teleporters.  In the past, we have never had a proper standard for the creation of teleporters, and always just put them wherever requested.  However, with the new map, it is time we set a standard for teleporters so they don’t become a mess like in the current map.  Below we have listed the requirements that must be met for a teleporter to be created.  Our staff will determine at the time of creation if these requirements are met.  Please note, these requirements are subject to change at any point in time.

Along with the new map, we are also going to refactor our staff by adding new staff members and removing some current ones.  Additionally, we will be enacting new policies and regulations that staff members will need to abide by and enforce.  We have found that there has been a good deal of power abuse by some staff members and we consider this activity completely unfair to everyone else.  With this fresh start of BitMissile, we want to iron out any issues that exist amongst the staff that makes BitMissile continue to work.  We will begin to enforce these new policies to ensure the integrity of the server.

Over the past 16 months of running this server, we have all learned a great deal about what it takes to make a server run smoothly.  The experience that we now possess should help us ensure that we do not make many of the same mistakes that manifest themselves on the server currently.

If you wish to stay up-to-date with the current operations of BitMissile, please visit us on IRC or @BitMissile.

BitMissile Map (1.2 world): download (zip)

~ BitMissile Administration (jgeboski, CheeseGamer, and cheese1756).


Teleporter Requirements:

  • An established location or structure
  • Player has no more than two personal teleporters
  • Teleporter is not to be used for landmarking
  • Teleporter is not for temporary use
  • Teleporter is not to have a generic name (such as “home”)

Minecraft 1.8 and 1.0 Worlds

May 26, 2012 in Minecraft, News

As announced in early March, the 1.0 and 1.8 worlds would be retired, and it is that time.  This evening, we have retired the 1.0 and 1.8 worlds, and they are no longer active on the server.  As promised, we have packed up the old maps, and made them available for download.

Please note, if you have structures/items that were not transfer, please submit a ticket.

BitMissile-10 (1.0 world): download (zip)

BitMissile-18 (1.8 world): download (zip)

Minecraft 1.2.4

March 22, 2012 in Minecraft, News

This morning we got a “surprise” update from Mojang in the form of Minecraft 1.2.4.  BitMissile has already updated to 1.2.4 and is online, running smoothly.  The update was rather small all things considered, and did not effect many of our plugins.  CraftBukkit, which BitMissile’s Minecraft server runs at its core, has already been updated.  In terms of plugins, Dynmap seems to be the only plugin not functioning with 1.2.4.  We suspect an update will come shortly but, until then, the dynamic map will not update.

A complete ChangeLog for Minecraft 1.2.4 can be found here.

As always with new updates, expect some updates to the server.

New World

March 6, 2012 in Minecraft, News

That’s right!  Once again, we’ve created a fresh world.  Since 1.2 has come out, many people have been asking for a new world, and after much deliberation, I present you a new world.  Do not panic, we have kept all of the existing worlds, and move the “BitMissile” world to “BitMissile-10″.  This allows us to keep all of the worlds live while we transfer everyone’s belongings to the new world.

If you need anything transferred from either “BitMissile-18″ or “BitMissile-10″ to the new “BitMissile” map, please submit a ticket.  Transfers will be handled in the order they are received.  If you’re not online at the time we start doing transfers, we will move along to the next person in the list.  It is worth noting that on May 25, 2012, we will be taking down “BitMissile-18″ and “BitMissile-10″ and making them available for download.  Our nether world, “BitMissile_nether”, will remain intact.

If you’re thinking ahead, and wondering if we’re going to have to get a new world for the next update, you must note the new map formatting.  Mojang has created a new map file format, Anvil, which if everything is correct, should stop us from ever having to create a new world.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, comment below or contact us via ticket system.

Minecraft Updated to 1.2.3

March 4, 2012 in Minecraft, News

BitMissile’s Minecraft server has been updated to 1.2.3.  Please note, several plugins are still not up-to-date, and are disabled due to the fact.  Currently, all portals are offline, and will continue to be until Transpoter is updated.  Spout has just recently been updated, and due to the current traffic on the server, updates will be pushed to the server tomorrow morning.

Also, due to the fact there are still a lot of bugs that need to be worked out, expect a lot of updates in the next week or two.

UPDATE: Transpoter has been temporarily patched, and portals are now back in action.